The first symposium organized by the Macrophage Club of Toulouse will be held at the Faculty of Medicine Toulouse-Purpan localized in the center of Toulouse, Friday, November 18th, 2016.

This symposium will be  a nice opportunity to get together a French community of research scientists dedicated to macrophage biology.

The symposium will be organized around sessions (Keynote lectures as well as  invited and selected communication) presenting translational research on macrophages and their importance in different pathological contexts such as autoimmunity, chronic inflammation, cancer, infectious diseases, metabolism disorders.


Speakers confirmed

Keynote Speaker I: Derek Gilroy (London) 

“Macrophages & Resolution of Inflammation” 

Keynote Speaker II : Philippe  Herbomel (Paris)

“The zebrafish to address macrophage biology”

Invited speaker I : Olivier Neyrolles (Toulouse) 

Macrophages / Infection

Invited speaker II : Anne Bouloumié (Toulouse)

Macrophages / Adipose tissue and the obesity-associated pathologies)

Invited speaker III: Florence Apparailly (Montpellier) 

Macrophages / Rheumatoid arthritis



Due to the high number of registered participant,

 the inscription for registration and abstract submission are now closed 

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